Riding downhill from Lukmanierpass to Disentis (GR)

Lukmanierpass (GR) (Graubünden) - Video von Claudio Biesele, gebucht am Fri 16 September 2022
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Beschreibung: Location: Riding downhill from Lukmanierpass to Disentis Direction: Lukmanierpass (GR) - Disentis (GR) Degree of difficulty: easy, at the lower part well paved bright road, at the upper part partially bumpy but bright road, not too much traffic, a few hairpin bends, also cyclists favourite View: The Lukmanier Pass, 1916 meters above sea level, is a Swiss Alpine pass on the border between the cantons of Graubünden and Ticino. The ascent leads from Disentis through the Val Medel to the top of the pass. A stop is worthwhile at the Punt da Darein, where the Alpventura suspension bridges over the Medelser Rhein (Medel GR) are located. Even if you are not an adventurer, the many variants of little bridges over the Rein da Medel are impressive (use of the bridges at your own risk!). If you like to eat at the top of the pass, you should not arrive on Monday or Tuesday: The Hospezi Santa Maria is closed on these days due to a lack of staff (2022). Source Wikipedia/Hospezi Santa Maria
Fahrzeug: SYM GTS 300i
Kamera: Gembird ACAM-003 Einstellungen: Belichtungszeit: Keine Information - Blende: Keine Information - ISO: Keine Information


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