San Bernardino Pass Nord-Süd

San Bernardino (Graubünden) - Vidéo de Claudio Biesele, réservé sur Thu 08 July 2021
Catégorie: Action

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Description: Location: North to south, uphill and downhill cornering between Hinterrhein and Campeggio
Direction: Hinterrhein - Campeggio
Degree of difficulty: medium, mainly good tarmac, north side pretty bumpy, south side less bumpy road with a good mix of hot corners, a lot of hairpins, hikers, bikers, campers, little traffic
View: Ride to the top and have some coffee rest at the Ospizio Ristorante San Bernardino. If you drive further south direction Ticino, remind you to stop a few times to take photos of the fantastic view

Véhicule: SYM GTS 300i
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