Riding downhill from Isenthal to Isleten

Isenthal (Uri) - Vidéo de Claudio Biesele, réservé sur Sun 03 July 2022
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Description: Location: Riding downhill from Isenthal (St. Jabkob) to Isleten
Direction: Isenthal (St. Jabkob) - Isleten
Degree of difficulty: medium, narrow road, almost no traffic, one 300 degree tunnel, a few hairpin bends, six times a day the route to Isenthal - Isleten is reserved for the Postbus
View: Even if Isenthal is not easy to reach, it has a lot to deliver when it comes to history and culture. In 1988, Isenthal was the scene of the shooting of the Swiss movie "Gekauftes Glück" by Urs Odermatt. In 1820, the last bear roaming the canton of Uri was shot in Isenthal, which is also the starting point for hikes and climbs. One of the most attractive mountain tours leads to the Uri Rotstock (2928 m above sea level). At Isenthal St. Jakob don't miss a ride with the Gitschenen Cable Car. Gitschenen is located in the west of the municipality of Isenthal on a sun terrace. The alp can only be reached on foot or by cable car.
Véhicule: SYM GTS 300i
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